let's connect!

Hello, and welcome!

I'm Kourtni Steorts, the girl behind the camera.  My last name is pronounced STORTS.  (Just pretend the silent "e" isn't there and you'll feel much less intimated by my super German last name).


A little background info about me: I'm a wife, a mom to 4 kids, and a Type 1 diabetic determined to live her best life.  People generally describe me as smiley, bubbly, and fun! I like to run, cook, read, travel, and tackle DIY projects around the house.  You can often find me at Target or Hobby Lobby pushing a cart full of things I "need."  Does this sound anything like you???


Although I'm kind of a homebody by nature, nothing gets me up and moving faster than a photo op!  I LIVE for finding magic in the minutiae: a newborn's tiny yawn; a toddler blowing bubbles; a kindergartener's toothless grin; and beyond.  My goal as your photographer is to capture these small, fleeting moments in time -- in all of their perfectly imperfect glory -- so that you can remember them with fondness for years to come.